COOSKIN Blue Light Proof Screen Protector Guard for Macbook Pro 15.4 inch Retina(352.5×229.5) A1398 Especially for Children,Teenager

COOSKIN Blue Light Proof Screen Protector Guard for Macbook Pro 15.4 inch Retina(352.5×229.5) A1398 Especially for Children,Teenager

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How to install Screen protector:
COOSKIN Blue Light
Eye strain and fatigue are common complaints from people who use electronic devices ceaselessly. In the beginning, the discomfort is barely noticeable, but gradually it increases in intensity and can grow to be strained vision, pain, and even severe headaches for some. Constant exposure to blue light emitted by LED screens has also been shown to degrade sleep quality – another common complaint of those who ceaselessly use their phones or tablets in bed prior to sleep.
Unique Design & Development
Cooskin Blue Light was developed specifically to combat these issues at the same time as concurrently protecting your screen. The Blue Light line is a higher class of screen protector that preserves eye health and prevents harmful blue light from impairing your vision and ability to concentrate. An additional razor-thin layer of film filters and disperses blue light that would in a different way cause symptoms of eye fatigue.
Aside from shielding your eyes, the Blue Light line also offers:
Anti-bacterial layer to keep your screen clean
Scratch resistant layer to keep your screen protected
Fingerprint proof so that your screen looks pristine
Anti bubble silicone resin layer for easy installation
COOSKIN Guarantee
COOSKIN Shield is 100% confident that our Blue Light screen protectors will aid in the reduction of eye strain and fatigue at the same time as protecting your screens from scuffs and scratches. We back our confidence with a no-hassle, lifetime replacement warranty program. Screen protectors must do more than just protect your device. The Blue Light line from COOSKIN Shield goes beyond competitor products by offering superior protection for your eyes as well as your screens.
Content—This kit features 1x Blue Light screen protectors and 1X Clear screen film(for test) together with a set of microfiber cleaning cloth and Card,2x cleaning sticker.
Blue Light Proof—Blue Light proof technology deflects harmful blue-violet light & UV away from your eyes at the same time as allowing advisable light to pass through.
Material—Designed with High Quality PET film imported from Japan that consists of multiple layers. Each layer provides specific functions that allow the Matte Anti-Glare line of screen protectors to outperform competitor products that use inferior materials and manufacturing processes.
Install—-The Anti-bubble silicone resin layer is self-adhesive which allows for an easy dry installation – no more hassle from handling spray solution that could potentially leak into the ports of your device and do damage. For optimal effect, install in a lint-free environment.
Customers Service—We will be able to accept all refund based on all reasons. And 1 year quality guaranty.

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